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LAUNCHING: The EquiDome 2017 Top Rider Challenge!
WIN FREE SHOW ENTRIES FOR A YEAR (see bottom of this info for details)

Course Builder: Brett Webber

Saturday 25 Feb: 1m – 1m30
Sunday 26 Feb: POG – 90cms

Enter online here:

TOP RIDER IN EACH HEIGHT at the end of the last Equidome show of the year WINS ALL 2018 Equidome show entries FREE
  • enter at least 5 graded or training shows in 2017 to qualify.
  • 2017 points are awarded only in the height that you first entered
  • 1st place = 5 points, 2nd = 4, 3rd = 3, 4th = 2, 5th = 1.
  • get a bonus half a point every time you use the Equidome facilities:
    • eat at the restaurant or buy from the coffee shop (Check in with a photo on our Facebook page to get your points!)
    • spa treatment for your horse
    • attend a First Friday Quiz
    • attend a clinic
    • book a riding session in the indoor
    • buy an indoor session gift voucher
    • get your grass at equidome
    • get our in-house vet to vet your horse